Dramatists Guild Fund

#5Q4F 2014: Pia Cincotti, Playwright/Librettist

Credits include: Four of a Kind and How Deep is the Ocean.

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  • Who do you look to for inspiration?

I always seem to be inspired accidently. Usually by regular people who are excessively, almost comically, passionate about the most ordinary, mundane things.  When I come across people like this, I always feel the need to build a story around them.

  •      What’s the best (or worst) job not related to your career you ever had?

I’ve hated every single job I’ve ever had that hasn’t been related to writing (and that is pretty much all of them).

  •      Where would you rather be if you couldn’t be here doing this?

If I couldn’t write, I would love to be doing what Robert Osborne does and host Turner Classic Movies. Although, if that opportunity arose, I would make time to do both.

  •      When did you decide you were going to take over the universe?

Never, that seems like way too much responsibility.

  •      Why would you ever stop writing, if you ever stopped writing?

When I have no more stories left to tell and hosting Turner Classic Movies became too demanding.

Bonus Question: How do you measure, measure a year? 

By my rent increase.


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