Dramatists Guild Fund

#5Q4F 2014: Katya Stanislavskaya, Composer/Lyricist/Librettist

Credits include: Resident AlienPandora’s Inbox; Rubik’s Cube.



Who do you look to for inspiration?

Writers/composers/humans who dare to cross boundaries, mix genres, and refuse to be pigeon-holed into labels and categories.

  •      What’s the best (or worst) job not related to your career you ever had?

I once worked at a CVS. One night, a couple came in and bought cigarettes, condoms, and a pregnancy test. As I wondered which order these items were going to be used, I realized I might as well be writing a song.

  •      Where would you rather be if you couldn’t be here doing this?

Lying on a blanket by the ocean, beating my husband at Travel Scrabble (not an easy feat!)

  •      When did you decide you were going to take over the universe?

The first time I heard an audience laugh at my jokes. I mean, before that people laughed AT my English. And now they were laughing, I don’t know, WITH my English.

  •      Why would you ever stop writing, if you ever stopped writing?

If I found that I can’t stop repeating myself. Or worse yet, repeating other people.

Bonus Question: How do you measure, measure a year? 

In the number of times I’ve applied for the Jonathan Larsen grant?


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