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#5Q4F 2014: Sam Willmott, Composer/Lyricist

Credits include: Yo, Vikings!Standardized TestingThe MusicalScarlet Takes a Tumble.


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  •  Who do you look to for inspiration?

Real people and true stories.  Nearly always.  I love when I’m talking to a friend and she gets roiled up about something and suddenly she finds herself one bell tone away from bursting into song.  That kind of emotional undercurrent has such an inherent, authentic musicality to it.  My job, then, is to grant my friend (or, ultimately, the character she becomes) the permission to take that tiny step into song, and help navigate us both once she does.

  •      What’s the best (or worst) job not related to your career you ever had?

I worked at The Gap in Tysons Corner, Virginia the summer after my senior year of high school — it was an adolescent bucket-list goal (and in retrospect… WHAT???).  It was both the best and the worst job for the same reason — see, if you work at The Gap for a summer, you find out what human beings are really like.

  •      Where would you rather be if you couldn’t be here doing this?

Working at Disney Imagineering.  No question.  I’m obsessed.

  •      When did you decide you were going to take over the universe?

HA.  Oh honey, I’d be so tickled if I could just start with the ironing I’ve been postponing for the last six weeks.

  •      Why would you ever stop writing, if you ever stopped writing?

If ever my writing becomes procedural, or I become too aware, or to in-control of “the thing I do well”, I’ll stop.  Well, maybe not STOP.  Re-calibrate.  Freak myself out, throw everything away, learn about something new, and start differently.

Bonus Question: How do you measure, measure a year? 

I mean, pretty much exclusively in cups of coffee.  3 P.M. Mocha: a Sam Willmott Story (proposed autobiography title).


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